The unequal and expensive distribution of electricity to communities, and the nonexistent delivery to the rural areas have led to MaxLite developing their own range of locally manufactured & locally installed Solar Home Systems.

The development of the MaxMeter has been a journey with the focus on sustainability and a reliable source of basic electricity for those homes that have the units installed.

MaxLite's Solar Home Systems have been designed as both a Fee for Service (MaxMeter) and stand alone (MaxReg) systems.

Fee for service systems require that the Municipality/Service Provider purchase the units with the idea of recovering the costs from the home owner by means of airtime purchased through sales offices. This type of system is ideal when the Municipality wants to either encourage a sense of product ownership or recover costs of the unit. (See MaxMeter)

The MaxReg (stand alone system) has no need for prepaid vouchers or for the customer to come into the sales office to purchase airtime; once the system is installed it will work from day one. Money collection for these types of units will ultimately fall on the shoulders of the Municipality/community. (See MaxReg)